TellMeWhen is an app for the iPhone and iPad and is optimised for iOS 8.

The app will keep you informed when new books are published on the iBooks Store by your favorite authors or that contain any of the search terms you've asked it to keep an eye on.

Lend My Stuff

Lend My Stuff is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that gives you the ability to easily keep track of those treasured possessions loaned to one of your friends or family.

Where is that favourite DVD or book? Who did I lend it to? Lend My Stuff keeps track of those details for you so you don't have to.


PhotoOrganiser for iPad gives you control over the organisation of your photos.

You can store your photos in Folders, which are an easy way of keeping control of the many photos you have accumulated over the years, and using the powerful tagging facility, you can describe each photo using keywords, which makes finding a particular photo very, very easy.


Intervalos keeps the timing of your interval training simple. It really is very easy to configure and use.

Multiple types of exercise can be defined: burpees, planks, sprints, etc. Each is defined with configurable workout and rest periods and with a default number of sets. You can define a playlist of music to inspire you while you exercise.